UF Health Exterior Sign Standards

The new UF Health brand has established recognition and equity in the marketplace, and it serves as a visual cue and reminder to our patients and customers that the facility they’re in is part of a trustworthy, credible and hospitable institution.

A standard package of signs provides an opportunity to visually reinforce the overall presence and strength of the UF Health identity system. UF Health signs should consistently and cohesively reflect, as much as possible, our brand and the approved elements that make up our brand. Signs should use appropriate UF Health logo(s) and approved facility names, as well as be consistent in the presentation of these elements. Our UF Health identity standards are found at Creativeservices.ufhealth.org.

The purpose of this manual is to provide standards for a variety of sign types. We recognize that some signs will have parameters and limitations that may require deviations or departure from the standards set forth in this manual. However, these standards must be followed in all other cases.

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