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Production Requests

UF Health Communications and UF Health Publication Services are equipped to handle your design, production and printing needs.

All materials and products used for marketing, advertising or general mass communication should be reviewed and approved prior to printing and/or public distribution. This is to ensure that your material or product contains consistent messages and/or logos and adheres to appropriate graphic standards. Our goal is to ensure that your advertising and promotional materials receive review by the Self Insurance Program to ensure information is not misleading.

If materials are produced without the appropriate levels of review and approval and issues arise, your department will be required to absorb all associated production and/or media placement costs to correct the matter.

For your convenience, we have posted our production timeline to give you an appreciation for the steps and duration related to producing your product(s).


All marketing and promotional materials and publications must be submitted to and approved by UF Health Communications. UF Health Publication Services also can review materials and work with UF Health Communications for approval. Members of these areas are available to review materials prior to production to ensure they reflect our system identity. Please allow ample time for review and approval. Staff can assist you in determining how long a product will take to produce, including the length of the review process. If you have questions or doubts about the acceptability of any materials you are producing, we are glad to provide guidance on graphic standards policies.

Contact Information

For questions concerning: digital media, forms, marketing materials, advertising, presentations or any other promotional materials, please contact:

UF Health Communications

UF Health Professional Park
Phone: 352-265-0373

Communications & Marketing — Jacksonville
580 W 8th Street (T-65)
Jacksonville, FL 32209
Phone: 904-244-9750
Fax: 904-244-9765

UF Health Publication Services
Phone: 352-733-0004

Directions to the Creative Services Production Studio (C2-20, Communicore Building)

From the main atrium of UF Health Shands Hospital, walk north down the main hallway past the food court/cafeteria to your right. Once you reach the end of that hallway, you’ll see the Founder’s Gallery on your right, and exit doors to the Sun Terrace food court on your left. Exit out the doors to your left, walk through the Sun Terrace and enter the Communicore Building through the glass doors just past Starbucks on your right (the doors are in between Starbucks and Panda Express).

Walk straight ahead and take the main elevator to the 2nd floor. Exit the elevator to the right, turn left as you approach the computer training lab (C2-003) in front of you, then turn right at the next hallway. Walk to the end of that hallway and turn right. You will find the UF Health Creative Services Production Studio on your right just past the water fountain, room C2-20. The map below is of the 2nd floor of the Communicore Building, and shows the route you would take from the main elevators.

MAP to C2-20 800 pxls