Olympic brand guidelines

UF Health and U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee, or USOPC, Brand Guidelines and Logo Usage

  • Please visit UF Health.org/Champions to learn about the sponsorship and see examples of already approved language, including the media release. 
  • Please do not embed the video on the UFHealth.org/Champions site on any other web pages without contacting marketreq@shands.ufl.edu.

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The use of the below UF Health logos included in these guidelines in tandem with the USOPC Medical Network, or MN, primary mark is permitted after gaining approval for each desired use from UF Health Communications and the USOPC. Any logo not explicitly shown in these guidelines is currently not permitted to be used with the USOPC MN mark. All uses of the USOPC MN marks must appear secondary, and not primary, in nature, such that all mark appearances must be less prominent than references to the UF Health logo. 

Separation from UF Health Logo: The USOPC MN marks and the UF Health logo should be treated as distinct elements. While they can coexist in the same creative piece, they should never intersect, overlap or sit directly next to each other without appropriate spacing in a way that would confuse the hierarchy or representation. This distinction is crucial in preserving the autonomy and significance of both the UF Health logo and the USOPC MN mark.  

USOPC Marks cannot be broken into elements. The entire logo must be used. 

USOPC MN marks licensed for use with UF Health Communications & Marketing

All UF Health graphic designers have access to these marks. If you need the USOP MN mark files, please email marketreq@shands.ufl.edu and include a description of how you plan to use the mark.

Vertical USOPC mark
Horizontal USOPC mark

Primary UF Health brand

UF Health exists first and foremost as a brand signature and reflects the University of Florida’s academic health center, which comprises six health colleges, 10 research centers & institutes, 11 hospitals across four regions, a network of physician practices, and other clinical programs and services.

UF Health logo

Regional brands

Regional brands each represent all organizations within a given region, including hospital services, hospital medical staff, outpatient services and employed providers and practices. Four patient care campuses currently comprise the UF Health system. Although most of our efforts will feature the primary UF Health mark, on occasion three additional regional marks are permitted to be used in conjunction with the USOPC MN mark. 

UF Health in Gainesville uses the primary brand identity:

UF Health logo

UF Health Jacksonville

UF Health Jacksonville logo

UF Health Central Florida

UF Health Central Florida logo

UF Health St. Johns

UF Health St Johns logo

Approved logo set-up examples

UF Health and USOPC logo setup
UF Health and USOPC logo setup with blue and orange background and Championing Health Care for all tag line
UF Health and USOPC vertical logo set-up, displayed on a tote bag

Logo usage not permitted

The USOPC has granted us permission to only use MN mark in association with the aforementioned UF Health marks. They may not be used with an established affiliate’s logo where the UF Health logo appears in association with another organization, such as Halifax Health or CareSpot as two examples. It also is not allowed to be used when promoting an affiliated service that is not directly owned and/or managed by UF Health but is branded as UF Health.

  • The USOPC MN mark may not be used with a service line logo, location logo or with ads specific to a service or a location, with approval of the USOPC
  • The USOPC MN mark shall not be used in any domain names registered or used by UF Health
  • UF Health shall avoid using a USOPC MN mark in connection with any other third-party organization
  • The medical network marks cannot be used for commercial purposes, i.e., any solicitation of money, including donations 

Approved mark usage, with approval of the USOPC

  • Company website
  • Environmental (signage on buildings, offices, conference rooms) Cannot be co-branded with a third-party organization.
  • Promotional items (for internal use only, not for sale)
  • Uniforms (apparel, scrubs)

Approved assets

The below linked assets have already been reviewed and approved for use. 

UF Health is able to use the USOPC MN mark on its owned, operated and branded sites and social handles, or other digital platforms, subject to the understanding that all such uses will be subject to the same approval process for all other uses of the USOPC MN mark. 

Alterations and enhancements to UF Health logos and the USOPC MN mark are not permitted. The USOPC MN primary mark can be used when adequate spacing allows the text to remain fully legible. No element of the mark may be pulled out to stand alone as its own nor used as a graphic image or on any other background.

The primary MN mark is offered in stacked and horizontal formats. Both formats are provided in full color, two-color for dark background, all black, and reversed-out white.

For the highest visual impact of the USOPC MN mark, a minimum clear area must be maintained. Please see the graphic below for clear space reference and minimum size requirements. 

Spacing and minimum sizes for USOPC logos

In most cases, the UF Health logo appears with the logotype, descriptor and bridge. When applying it in cases where it will be reproduced in a small format (embroidery, product branding, etc.), the University of Florida descriptor can be dropped, since it would be illegible anyway. Bear in mind that the logo must not shrink smaller than 1 inch, even without the descriptor.

In all cases, give the UF Health logo its clear space. The distance between it and any other object, photo or copy should equal the width of the “F” proportionately on all sides.

UF Health logo - spacing requirements

Prior to use, please reference UF Heath identity standards.

Marks usages approved on a case-by-case basis in: 

  • Press releases
  • Athlete appearances
  • Earned media/editorial media coverage
  • Paid media (media buys defined by territory)
  • Editorial on company channels (Note: we have the right to create content on UF Health channels about our relationship with an athlete as an individual or elite athlete. Per the USOPC contract, we CANNOT use the term Olympic or Paralympic and it SHOULD NOT feel like an advertisement or endorsement of services. All editorial content ideas need to be pre-approved by the USOPC and the UF Health marketing team. Please read more in the editorial content section.)


Polo: Company logo on chest, approved mark on sleeve or back

UF Health USOPC polo shirt examples

Billboard: logos placed separately

UF Health billboard example

Social Ad 

Examples of print and social media images

Promotional items

Important things to know: 

  • Items in this catalog have been preapproved and do not need further approval from the UF Health Communications team or the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee. 
  • Items shown in this catalog are available for bulk purchases, meaning you must meet the minimum quantity listed for the item to order. 
  • Items that are screen printed are available with one of the following 4 logos:
    • UF Health
    • UF Health Central Florida
    • UF Health Jacksonville
    • UF Health St. Johns
  • Items that are embroidered will only have the option to have the master UF Health logo with no descriptor, to meet quality standards. 
  • Direct requests to marketreq@shands.ufl.edu to order items from Staples that are not included in this catalog.
  • Staples is the only approved vendor to order items from with the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Medical Network logo.

Ordering from the catalog

  • To order items in this catalog, email your request to: OlympicSPO@Staples.com. Please include:
    • Your name
    • Title
    • Campus (I.e., UF Health Shands, UF Health Jacksonville, UF Health Central Florida, UF Health St. Johns, or UF Scripps Institute for Biomedical Innovation & Technology, etc.)
  • While promotional items may be ordered from this catalog with the intent to give away free of charge to the public, for example in a “giveaway” promotion, no products with the USOP MN mark can be sold to the public.

Use of trademarked imagery & phrases       

Trademarked imagery

Many instances of Olympic imagery are trademarked by other Olympic entities, and, therefore not allowed to be used in materials unless we purchase the licensing rights to use the imagery/footage. Examples may include a photo of an athlete showing their medal, or athletes standing on the podium or participating in games. Licensing rights can be strict and legally we must adhere to them. 

Use of the standalone rings, torch, cauldron, standalone flags, Olympic Games mascots and other Olympic symbols ― even in the background ― are not permitted. This also would include photos of athletes with tattoos of the rings visible. 

UF Health may use generic medal imagery as a design element in advertising (e.g., create a

medal design) provided the appropriate mark is used to convey the sponsor’s association

with Team USA. 

If imagery or footage was previously licensed for a project for UF Health, that may not give us the rights to use it in any other material as the license may only be valid for the particular project imagery for which it was requested. This includes redistribution on other channels, such as social media, our website, etc. If you see material another group used, please contact UF Health Communications about the ability to use that imagery for other needs. 

Anyone who would like to explore purchasing the rights to use an image or video clip should contact UF Health Communications at marketreq@shands.ufl.edu

Style guidelines

When drafting copy for any audience or medium, communicators should refer to the style guidelines outlined below. All copy, including mention of the USOPC sponsorship, needs to be reviewed and approved by UF Health Communications and the USOPC team. 

Approved Designation: “U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Medical Center” 


  • UF Health is a proud U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Medical Center or UF Health is a member of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Medical Network.
  • UF Health is proud to be a member of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Medical Network.
  • UF Health is a Proud National Medical Center in the USOP Medical Network.
  • UF Health is a Proud National Medical Center for Team USA.

Do not use “National Medical Network;” UF Health is a National Medical Center in the USOP Medical Network.

UF Health is permitted, with approval from UF Health Communications and the USOPC, to use “Team USA” in copy when describing our work with athletes.

When using imagery in material (online or printed) the use of Olympic or IPC Marks and trademarked terms such as “Olympic” or “Paralympic” or trademarked imagery such as the rings are not permitted as they belong to the IOC and IPC. The USOPC cannot license these on a stand-alone basis.

Ways we can and cannot refer to the Olympic games and athletes:

Phrases and terms allowed to be used:

  • World stage
  • This Summer
  • Paris
  • 2024
  • Elite athlete
  • World-class athlete
  • Team USA (when referring to athletes)
  • Examples:
    • In 2020
    • In Tokyo
    • Training for this Summer in Paris…
    • Gearing up for the world stage this Summer…
  • Athletes can refer to themselves as an Olympian or a Paralympian (if they are one).
  • UF Health can refer to these athletes as Olympians or Paralympians. This is the only exception to using the “Olympic” or “Paralympic” term outside of our title as a U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Medical Center.

  Phrases and terms that are NOT allowed to be used:

  • Olympics
  • Paralympics
  • The games, games
  • Olympic Games
  • Paralympic Games
  • Summer Games
  • Games in Paris
  • Olympic Games Paris 2024

Team USA: Capitalize both Team and USA; no periods in USA. Team USA

United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee: On first reference in copy, use United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee or U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee. For subsequent references, use USOPC. Note the use of the ampersand instead of “and.” USOPC should be used in email subject lines and U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee in press release headlines. See also USOPC entry in the “Terms” section below.

U.S.: The abbreviation is acceptable as a noun or adjective for United States. Always use periods with the abbreviation. U.S. is preferable to USA.

Editorial content

If an article or feature focuses on the UF Health and USOPC relationship or promotes

specific products or services, the concept/idea must be submitted for advance USOPC and UF Health marketing review and approval to ensure accuracy and compliance with product categories and other contractual terms. If there is a question about whether or not an item is editorial, please contact UF Health Communications at marketreq@shands.ufl.edu so we can understand the publication and how the content has been created. 

We will work with the USOPC to determine which items and Olympic-/Paralympic-related content must be submitted. We will strive to help you meet your publication deadlines and ask for an appropriate lead time of five business days in addition to the standard UF Health review and approval process and timeline.

Please note that this guideline applies to content about athletes as well as to general content.

Communicators can refer to established guidelines in this document, the UF Health Marketing Style Guide, and the AP Style Guide when writing content.

USOPC brands

USOPC brands include:

  • United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee
  • U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center
  • U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Site
  • Olympic & Paralympic Day, presented by Toyota
  • United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum
  • Crawford Family U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Archives
  • U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation


Temporary injuries or wounds are suffered, not sustained or received. When describing permanent disabilities or illnesses, avoid descriptions that connote pity, such as “afflicted with” or “suffers from” multiple sclerosis. Instead, say “has multiple sclerosis.”

Athlete references

If you wish to use an athlete in any material, please contact UF Health Communications: marketreq@shands.ufl.edu.

The USOPC does not own the rights to any athlete’s name or likeness; therefore, the USOPC does not have the ability to license specific use of athlete likeness to its sponsors. In all cases where an athlete appears, or their name or likeness is used for commercial purposes, it is UF Health’s responsibility to secure usage rights, approvals, provide compensation, etc.

The USOPC maintains a database of U.S. Olympians, Paralympians and Hopefuls, and will assist UF Health Communications in identifying and developing a relationship with those athletes who will best represent our objectives, while working within budget requirements.

  • Paralympic athletes should only appear in Flag 3-Agitos or Team USA apparel and materials; Paralympic athletes must have either the Flag 3-Agitos or Team USA logo.
  • All athletes can appear in non-branded clothing as well.
  • Models cannot be used to represent Team USA athletes – those featured must be actual Hopefuls, unless approved by the USOPC. Again, USOPC is happy to help identify and secure athletes.
  • Stock imagery of athletes can be used as long as it is not falsely representing the athlete as an Olympian, Paralympian or Hopeful. 

References to athletes should remain factual in nature. UF Health is responsible for ensuring the athlete is referenced appropriately in all communications.

The following terminology standards apply to athletes specifically:

  • Once an athlete is an Olympian/Paralympian, they are always an Olympian/Paralympian; never a ‘former’ or ‘past’ Olympian/Paralympian.
  • An athlete is not officially named to the team until Team USA submits the official list to the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, or OCOG. Prior to that, if an athlete qualifies through Trials, sponsors may say that an athlete has qualified for Team USA.
  • An athlete is an U.S. Olympic or Paralympic Hopeful until they are named to the Team officially by the USOPC (e.g., even if the athlete is an Olympian, if they are being promoted in conjunction with the 2024 Games, they are considered a 2024 U.S. Hopeful.)

Appropriate terminology to use: 

  • Recommended Option: U.S. Olympic Team Hopeful for this summer in Paris

Use of an Athlete and Corporate Identification

When using an athlete for an appearance or an image of an athlete is used in advertising/

promotion, it is especially important to pay particular attention to any corporate identification that may appear on the athlete, their image, or in the background (e.g., logos on apparel, shoes, racing bibs, equipment, signage, etc.). To protect each partner’s exclusive category, there may not be any corporate branding visible in an image, on an athlete, etc., unless it is that of an Official USOPC Sponsor.

If you wish to work to develop promotional material that features an athlete, please work with marketing to ensure alignment with USOPC and UF Health brand standards and that all appropriate approvals are attained: marketreq@shands.ufl.edu.

Games References

Team USA: Capitalize both Team and USA; no periods in USA. Team USA

United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee: On first reference in copy, use United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee or U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee. For subsequent references, use USOPC. Note the use of the ampersand instead of “and.” USOPC should be used in email subject lines and U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee in press release headlines. See also USOPC entry in the “Terms” section below.

U.S.: The abbreviation is acceptable as a noun or adjective for United States. Always use periods with the abbreviation. U.S. is preferable to USA.