Production Guidelines

UF Health Communications uses the project management system, Asana, to input and manage our workload.

Print Production Timeline

The purpose of the print production timeline is to give you a realistic perspective of the amount of time it will take to complete your design job, as well as the steps in the process. In some cases, legal review, printing or mailing won’t be necessary, which will save time. This timeline is the result of years of experience.

We often hear, “You mean it will take 21 business days to produce my invitation? That’s ridiculous! I could throw it together in 5 minutes in Word at my desk!” While it’s true, it likely won’t look professional, and you’ll still have to submit it for review and approval. Remember, the timeline reflects more than just the design work.

At any given time, our designers may have 30-50 design jobs in the queue, which is why it’s critical we adhere to the timeline and manage expectations. And everyone’s job is a high priority! Please use the timeline to plan out your project.

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