How to Build our Brand

Our plan is all about establishing a brand that’s specific enough to distinguish itself from our competitors but broad enough to encompass all our offerings, and applying that brand consistently to achieve our goals. Let’s take a look at the elements of our brand that will help us along the way.


Our positioning statement, to guide us internally in branding decisions, reflects our multi-talented yet precisely-focused personality: UF Health achieves world-class outcomes with comprehensive, patient-centered care.

  • Outcomes
  • Comprehensive
  • World-class
  • Patient-centered care

The primary element in this statement is “outcomes,” indicating our intense focus on delivering the best results for patients, which is a key differentiating characteristic.

“Comprehensive” refers to the breadth of insight offered at UF Health due to our academic health center status. From research and academics to clinical treatments, we’ve got it all. And that should come through for our patients.

The modifier “world-class” reflects our intention to help patients know beyond a doubt that the treatment they’re getting here is equal to or better than what they could find anywhere else.

And that brings us to “patient-centered care,” which is, naturally, the central focus of our organization – not advancing medicine for its own sake, but treatment focused on the real-life personal benefit to the people who choose us for their health needs.

Note: This positioning statement should not be used in any internal or external marketing materials or messages.

Brand Map

An organization this size is bound to have some trouble keeping everything straight. This diagram should help. It shows the relationship between different components of the larger brand, which will aid in making branding decisions for secondary and newly formed entities. This is not an organizational map and does not reflect actual relationships of entities within the system. It is meant to show how the brand names relate to one another.


Note: Entities retaining the UF brand continue to be covered by University brand standards. Brand standards can be found at UF Brand Center. The dotted line connecting Shands to UF Health illustrates that Shands falls under the UF Health umbrella.