Visual Abstracts

Visual abstracts are a visual way, using illustrations, icons and flow-chart graphics to present the abstract of your research paper. They tend to provide this information in a single “slide”, relying more on imagery than on text to communicate the overall goal and outcomes of your research.

UF Health Communications has prepared a series of templates that will provide a starting point from which you can customize your own visual abstracts for publisher submission, social media posts and more. Note: if using these on social media, please ensure you provide a detailed alternative text (a written summary of the visual and text components), so those utilizing assistive devices are able to understand what content is being shared.


Each template contains an example along with a generic version you can use to integrate your own data.


Template #03

Consider this format to present studies that show an “A vs. B” scenario. For instance, this template could be used to present “results vs. control” findings or “Drug A vs. Drug B” research.

Visual Abstract Example #3


Template #04

Consider this three-part narrative format to present an overview of hypothesis, methodology and outcome, with summarization/key findings highlighted.

Visual Abstract Example #4

Graphic Resources

Libraries of royalty-free and Creative Commons licensed icons, illustrations, and other graphics.

Visual Abstract Resources

Additional examples and guidance on how to create effective visual abstracts