UF Health Web Presence

Much thought and attention have been given to the design of the UF Health website template. In regards to branding and titling, one of our goals was to ensure an intuitive user experience by helping users always know where they are on the site. We want website editors to focus on providing great content for users, without having to wrestle with design and architecture. Therefore, the official UF Health website template will not allow you to manipulate header/footer layout, fonts or colors.

These guidelines are for page titles (Title Field) and secondary titles (Optional Secondary Title Field) as pictured here:

  • Do not copy page title wording to use as an official logo or graphic element in your printed/electronic materials. Your webpage title is NOT an official logo, it is only a page title. UF Health Communications can create an official print logo for you, per our logo standards and guidelines, but this may differ from the title format used on your website.
  • Title Field must reflect the official, approved name of your entity/program/service/initiative
  • Optional Secondary Title Field is meant to give context to the Title Field. It should show your place in the hierarchy of the organization. For example your division, department or college.
  • If your official name (the name in your Title Field) contains UF Health, then it is not appropriate or necessary to use UF Health in the Optional Secondary Title Field.
  • Marketing or programmatic language in your Optional Secondary Title Field must be approved by UF Health Communications and can only be used when it meets a clearly-defined marketing objective and search engine optimization standards.