Logo Standards and Guidelines

Everything produced as a communications tool – whether internal or external – is subject to graphic standards guidelines. In most cases, the UF Health logo must appear on all publications and promotional materials. There are some exceptions to this when a UF Health entity may be branded as UF. Visit the UF Brand Center to review the graphic and identity standards for the University of Florida.

What’s covered by identity standards?

Publications and promotional materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Brochures and flyers
  • Emails
  • Forms
  • Newsletters
  • Patient information
  • Print and broadcast advertisements
  • Recruitment materials
  • Signs
  • Specialty items
  • Stationery and business cards
  • Videos
  • Websites and other electronic media

Additionally, any printed item that uses a logo (for instance, tickets, badges, shuttle bus wraps, etc.) must conform to the established logo policies.

Who’s covered by identity standards?

  • All Shands hospitals/facilities
  • All Health Science Center colleges, centers and institutes
  • UF primary care and specialty practices
  • All third-party vendors

You may direct logo questions to UF Health Communications – 352-273-5810 or 352-265-0373, or 904-244-9750 in Jacksonville.

Official logos should always be used on letterhead, business cards and forms, as well as brochures, publications, websites and other advertising initiatives.

If you are searching for official UF-approved logos, please visit the UF Brand Center for more information and how to download them.

Unique logos and graphic elements

Question: Can I add a graphic element, like a bird or flower, to an official UF Health logo, or use a unique graphic element to represent my department / program / initiative / event?

Answer: Generally, no, but there are rare exceptions.

The visual elements and communication guidelines were developed with great care and expertise, guided by honest input from internal advisors and feedback from the community.

The visual elements related to our system brand identity, our text logo treatments, and the positioning of these elements in a design layout all work together to convey a message of excellence, strength, stability, warmth, recognition and consistency for our health system.

Because the various elements of the brand have been designed to work together as a coherent system, it’s not a good idea to introduce new elements.

From time to time, an individual department, program or facility will request a unique logo design or graphic element that deviates from our brand identity. The reason is understandable – usually the goal is to convey a specific emotion or message about their service or specialty, or to create a unique identity. Still, to preserve the main UF Health brand and its quick, easy, consistent recognition, we won’t endorse any logo designed outside of our identity standards. But because we’ve gained a lot of equity in the UF Health master logo, you can take comfort in knowing that using an approved and appropriate UF Health logo will serve you well.

For purposes of maintaining the strength and consistency of our system brand identity, we will not endorse the creation or use of graphic or visual elements (such as a gator, another type of animal, scenic landscape, or other object). You may, however, create and use a unique design (not a logo design) or graphic element on t-shirts and specialty items (drink koozie, for example) for specific events that have a definitive start and end date (examples: 5K run, Nurses or Hospital Week, Doctor’s Day). This design/element may not infringe or violate a copyright nor be used in visual conjunction with one of our UF Health logos. It must not introduce a new or unique name for your department or area. There must be a clear visual separation and delineation between an official UF Health logo and the design/element itself. It cannot be grouped with the logo in any way as to appear as a larger, composite piece. A good rule is to place the design/element on the opposite side (front vs. back, left vs. right) of the garment. The design/element cannot be used on work attire such as scrubs, labcoats or unit t-shirts. And it is not to be construed as an approved logo. It cannot be used anywhere else (such as in a PowerPoint presentation, brochure, etc.) other than on the approved item. UF Health Communications must review and approve any design or graphic element.

There are certain designs/elements that were grandfathered in when we launched the UF Health brand in 2013.

Graphic elements may never be used on corporate letterhead, business cards or forms.

The University of Florida also has policies related to the creation of unique logos and graphic elements. UF graphic standards are on the Web at UF Brand Center.

UF Health Labcoats, Scrubs and Polo Shirts

UF Health labcoats should be worn by any faculty/staff member practicing in a patient care area or who may interact with patients. Department-specific patches are not permitted on garments, including labcoats, scrubs and polo shirts. All new lab coat orders should use the official two-color UF Health logo. The UF Health logo should always appear on the right lapel (if you are wearing the coat) or left or right breast (if you are wearing the polo shirt). No additional information may be placed on the side of the coat or shirt that retains the UF Health logo. Your name, credentials and specialty or department name, etc., should be placed on the opposite lapel or side of the shirt (if necessary). Please limit the amount of information that is placed on the opposite lapel or side of the shirt so it is both readable and professional in appearance.

QuestionCan I call my department/program/facility/initiative whatever I want and create a logo for it?

Answer: No. The name of your new (or existing) program/facility/initiative should adhere to our naming structure and conventions. All names should be routed through UF Health Communications for review and approval. We solicit the opinions of our legal team and leadership before approving the name of a program/facility/initiative. Generally, we do not create UF Health department/division-specific logos, as departments/divisions are typically housed within the academic institutions/colleges, which carry the UF, not the UF Health, brand. Departments/divisions housed in the hospital setting typically use the logo for the entity in which those departments/divisions are found (eg., UF Health Shands Hospital), with the name of the department/divisions spelled out in text, not in a logo.

In general, we will create a logo when the following criteria have been met:

  1. The name or wording follows the proper naming conventions for UF Health.
  2. Register your name with the appropriate legal department(s) to protect it, to assess any risks associated with the wording, and to ensure that it doesn’t infringe another’s copyright or trademark protection. There could be legal consequences if we were to promote an initiative using a logo that contains wording that has not been legally verified and approved.
  3. You have received approval from UF Health Communications.

Once your official name has been filed, we can create a logo for you in accordance with our guidelines.

Consortium or Initiative Logos

At times a UF Health Science Center entity (such as a college, department, facility, center, etc.) or UF Health entity may participate in a consortium or initiative with other organizations or outside our organization. Often there’s a need to develop a unique identity in those cases. In cases where the UF or UF Health entity wishes to promote the work in which it’s involved, we recommend adding the appropriate UF or UF Health logo to materials. This will lend credibility to the message. UF Health Creative Services does not design logos or marks on behalf of consortiums or initiatives in which a UF or UF Health entity participates. Additionally, if the consortium or initiative originates here and/or we have a primary administrative role, then any logos developed by external vendors must be reviewed and approved by UF Health Communications prior to use.

Secondary and Promotional Logo Development Guidelines for UF Health

At times an entity that seems to fall under the UF Health umbrella asks us for a logo for something not already listed on our creative services naming conventions Website.

  • A UF Health logo may be developed for any entity that first acquires an official UF Health name. Creative Services is not the arbiter of formal UF Health names; naming decisions are made by UF Health senior leaders, who use their own set of criteria to determine if a formal and legally recognized name will be granted. Those leaders will determine the goals and focus around the entity. (UF Health’s naming framework is here.) If there’s any indication that patient care is involved (including translational versus basic science research), even as that involvement may be part of a larger consortium/campus initiative, then the entity may be given a formal UF Health name. UF Health typically does not formally name initiatives, clinical studies or events because they may be short-lived or occur only once. Rather, those initiatives, studies or events, when tied to a formal UF Health entity, should use the approved entity(ies) logo(s) on materials designated for the initiative, study or event.
  • If the entity is given a formal UF Health name, then the logo inquiry ends here. We will create an official UF Health logo based on the pre-approved name. There is no consideration of a UF secondary or promotional logo.
  • If the entity is not given a formal UF Health name (thus no formal UF Health logo will be developed), then, if necessary and appropriate, UF Health will pass the inquiry to University Relations (UREL) to determine if the entity should have a formal UF name. UF leaders use their own set of criteria to determine if a name, thus a logo, is warranted.
  • If UREL deems that the entity should have a formal name (or perhaps it already has one), UREL can advise UF Health creative services to create a secondary logo for the entity using UREL-approved wording for the logo. If no UF name is granted, then the UF official logo inquiry ends here. Or, a UF name may be granted, but UREL advises that no formal primary or secondary logo will be developed for the entity. Again, the inquiry ends here.
  • An entity may opt to produce a promotional logo as per UREL’s guidelines if it is not eligible for a formal UF Health nor UF name and/or logo, if and only if it meets one of the pre-approved UF criteria for developing a promotional logo. (Note: Given that it was already determined that the entity did not include a patient care element nor that a UF Health entity[ies] was represented in the initiative, UF Health should not be concerned if the entity develops a UF promotional logo, so long as it meets the pre-approved UF criteria.) UF has strict design guidelines around promotional logos. Please ensure that these are followed. As a courtesy, please share promotional logos to UF Health Marketing and Creative Services for review prior to using. UF Health Creative Services may also assist in developing a promotional logo, but UREL will have to approve it.

Guidelines for Milestone and/or Anniversary Marks

Graphic elements and other visual marks may never be used on corporate letterhead, business cards or forms. Only our official UF Health or UF logos may be used. However, significant anniversary or milestone events are often a source of pride, progress, awareness and fundraising. In select cases, anniversary or significant milestone marks may be used on letterhead and other promotional/communications materials under these circumstances:

  • The mark may only represent, or apply to, a UF college, the overall UF Health system, or a UF Health hospital. Marks for departments, programs, initiatives, institutes or centers are not permitted, however UF Health Communications leadership and executive leadership may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis . Marks are not the same as our official UF Health or UF logos, which contain the name of the master brand (UF Health or UF) and then the approved name of the facility, entity or program. Marks should never be used in place of an official UF Health logo.
  • On formal letterhead, the mark may only appear adjacent to the signature line. It cannot be larger than the master UF Health logo that appears in the upper left corner of the letterhead.
  • The mark may only appear for a defined period of time, which is a calendar year or 12-month window from the actual date of the anniversary or milestone if it involves a yearlong celebration or awareness campaign. Or, the mark should be limited to only the timeframe that the mark represents, such as a month, week, quarter, etc., if it is not tied to a yearlong celebration or awareness campaign.
  • Marks will only be developed for major anniversaries and milestones. Acceptable anniversary years are in increments of 25, starting with 25, then 50, 75 and so on. Though we will only develop marks for those anniversary milestones, staff celebrations for other anniversaries (such as 5, 10, 15, etc.) are encouraged, and these anniversaries may be represented in textual form (such as taglines) on materials.
  • Your mark may be used on other materials such as PPTs, invitations, specialty items, etc., as long as the rules above are followed, but it should not be used in lieu of the appropriate master or other UF Health logo. Note that there are guidelines for how much space is required between a UF Health logo and another mark.
  • All marks must be reviewed and approved by UF Health Communications.

Vanity Phone Numbers

Vanity phone numbers are prohibited, except for those previously approved and grandfathered in. If you have any Telephone, Voicemail, ACD or UCCX requests please open a Self-Service order for assistance at http://Ithelp.ahc.ufl.edu. You may also call 352.265.0526 for help with other general telecommunications requests.