Unacceptable Logo Set-ups

The UF Health logo is the face of our brand, and we must maintain correct usage to have a consistent brand voice. Never use alternate colors for the bridge, logotype and descriptor (fig. 9), alter the color arrangement of the logo (fig. 10), stretch elements of the logo (fig. 11), place the logo over distracting backgrounds (fig. 12), stretch the logo (fig. 13), place the reversed-out logo over complicated backgrounds (fig. 14), tilt the logo (fig. 15), or use versions of the logo with backgrounds that don’t allow for maximum readability (fig. 16). Do not use the logo in conjunction with official or custom-made logos (fig. 17 and fig. 18). When used as a graphic element, “UF Health” must appear as our logo. It can’t go in another typeface or treatment, or appear without the bridge.