Creative Brief
UF Health Creative Services Creative Brief

Revised October 1, 2013

1. Briefly describe the project. What are we creating and why?
2. What are your key challenges?
3. What are the key goals and objectives?
4. Are there any emerging ideas and trends to consider?

1. What action do we want the consumer to take?
2. How will success be measured?

Target Audience:
1. Who are we talking to? Is there relevant age, income, demographic or sociographic information?
2. What does our audience already think of us? What’s the perception of UF Health/service line in the market?
3. Why should they care about this project?
4. What competes for their attention?

Primary Message:
1. What are the top three things to get across?
2. What differentiates us?
3. What adjectives describe the feeling or approach that should take with copy and design tone?
4. Any mandatory information/messages that must be included in the project?

Key Elements:
1. Should a particular department be featured?
2. What naming convention should be used? UF Health logo with what department name?
3. Specific artwork or photos that should be used or considered?

Production Requirements and Delivery:
1. Total quantity. If you want a range in pricing to see the difference between 1000 vs. 2000 highlight that here.
2. Budget considerations. This will affect the quote process so provide any information you have up front.
3. Invoicing. Where should the invoice be sent once project is complete?
4. List the deliverables and to whom they should be delivered.
5. Are there specific specs we should follow regarding format and production?
6. Are there any other limitations and restrictions?

1. Who are we reporting to?
2. Who exactly is approving this work?
3. Who needs to be informed of our progress? By what means?

1. What is the “shelf life” of the project?
2. Please provide the following:

a. Date for first proof of concept(s)
b. Date for final approval of chosen concept
c. Date for production to begin
d. Date production should be complete
e. Any additional details that impact the project timeline