Photography: Creative Services

COVID-19 Photography/Videography Guidelines for masking:

On Wednesday, March 23, 2022, a UF Campus Brief stated:

Dear Campus Community,

We are happy to share that we are updating our mask guidance in light of the latest declines in COVID-19 case numbers and new recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and our UF Health experts.

We are fortunate that we have entered a quieter period of the pandemic. With transmission now at low levels in the community, and given that most people are now vaccinated and many boosted, the University of Florida is again adjusting its approach for this next phase of the pandemic. Starting this week, you’ll begin to see new signs on campus reflect an adjustment to our mask messaging. These will indicate masks are welcome and express support for those who wish to continue to wear them for their safety or the safety of others, in contrast to our previous approach of expecting and/or strongly encouraging masking.

At our UF Health campuses, we will adopt the use of these same signs in non-clinical spaces, such as academic and research areas of our academic health center’s health colleges that do not involve interaction with patients. For now, masks will continue to be required in patient-facing areas of our hospitals and clinical practices.

Note that we will continue to closely monitor the pandemic as we’ve done for the past two years, and should the situation change, we may update our approach and/or introduce measures if deemed to be medically sensible. We also encourage you to be sensitive to and patient with the preferences of those around you.

As we’ve shared before, UF is now treating COVID as we do other contagious illnesses such as the flu so that we can move toward an environment that treats COVID as a present-day virus, one that rises and falls in number of cases. This means we as a university must also continually monitor our environment and change along with it.

And as always, if you feel sick, please stay home. Follow guidance from the CDC, the Florida Department of Health and UF Health. Please be reminded that testing is available on campus and can be scheduled at ONE.UF.

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to make our campus a community of caring. 


NOTE: Please plan to wear your own UF Health lab coat for photo/video shoots. In the event you don’t have one, we do have loaners, but we cannot guarantee that one will be available for you during your shoot, given that we are getting them cleaned regularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We understand that some images/footage you have and/or that are in our photo galleries were taken prior to these guidelines. If you need to use an image/footage where subjects are not adhering to the guidelines, please add this disclaimer/caption: “This image/footage was taken prior to national guidelines of face coverings and physical distancing.”

For assistance please call Kim Smith at: 352.265.0373

What Can Creative Services: Photography Do For You?

  • News releases
  • Print and Web publications
  • Marketing and fundraising
  • Environmental portraiture for publications
  • Formal portraiture for biography pages
  • Architectural/facility photography
  • Surgical or medical procedures
  • Select Event Coverage

For consideration of your request we ask that you submit photo requests a minimum of 10 business days prior to the desired date. Our team of photographers produces photojournalism for our news office, editorial photography for use in our various publications as well as commercial photography that serves to advance the UF Health brand. With this in mind there are specific requirements and expectations for each type of photographic assignments that we take on.

Request Our Photography Services

For your request to be considered you must submit a completed photo request form.  Please ensure that photo request forms are fully completed and accurate prior to submission. If after a request is submitted, and details need to be updated, please reach out to the photographer who confirmed the request and submit an updated request reflecting any changes.

Photojournalism/News Assignments:

These generally require the least amount of pre-planning, as we are observers there to accurately record what is taking place in a visually engaging and story-telling fashion. We understand that with the nature of news the standard 10-working-day notice might not be available but with our existing commitments please keep in mind that we may not be able to cover your breaking news story. Please ensure that you complete the photo request below. All fields will need to be filled so that proper key wording and archiving of the images can be done.

Editorial Photography:

Editorial photography can be similar to photojournalism/news photography. Generally with this type of photography we like to work with the writers and graphic designers to make images that complement and also help readers understand and visualize the stories that we are telling. With these assignments please ensure that you give us a 10-working-day-advanced notice of when we are attempting to schedule a shoot. This should generally be fairly easy to do if we are brought in early enough in the editorial process. When the topics, subjects and stories are initially being decided upon would be the best time to have us in the conversation, as that will help us all be on the same page so that we can most effectively tell your subjects story through the images we produce. Please ensure that you complete the photo request below. All fields will need to be filled so that proper key wording and archiving of the images can be done.

Commercial Photography:

This is the most involved and will take the most pre-planning and logistical work for all involved. In our organization what constitutes commercial photography? Any images destined for advertising and other types of printed or electronic collateral materials, such as brochures, posters, banners, etc. The first step is to discuss your goals and the audience you are trying to reach. Once we have a feel for who you are and what you want do, we can begin looking for ways to communicate that message visually. Here are some things you must consider when requesting commercial photography services:

1. Who is/are your audience(s)?

2. What key message(s) are you trying to convey?

3. What format or distribution channel will you use to deliver your images? Print? The Web? What photography style will best convey your message(s)? Documentary? Portrait? Other?

4. Who will handle the booking of rooms/spaces? The hiring or gathering of staff or models? Ensuring that security personnel and facilities personnel are alerted? Ensuring that the production crew is properly escorted? Ensuring that appropriate patient and staff consents are obtained? Logistics are often the most difficult and time-consuming part of a large photography project and we really need your help here.

5. Is catering during your shoot(s) necessary? Snacks and drinks go a long way to keeping your crew and actors/subjects happy and energized during a shoot.

6. We typically rely on the department or person requesting the photography to serve as a quasi-producer, meaning we rely on you to assist with identifying locations, reserving them and procuring your subjects (MDs, staff, etc.). Of course, we’re here to guide and counsel you on the logistics, but we need you to help in the heavy lifting. In other words, you can’t simply “hand-off” a photography project to us, dust your hands and wait for the final version. We’ll need you involved in the process.

7. At any given time, our photography staff has multiple projects in the queue. We know and understand that your project is a high priority, but we are often juggling multiple high priorities. In cases where we simply cannot accommodate your request internally, we can recommend local or campus photographers who may be able to help. Their fees are reasonable and they do quality work.

8. If you plan on using real doctors please keep in mind that they are not professional models and will likely not be as comfortable in front of the camera as a model would. The majority of the images we all see in brochures are filled with paid models that have vast experience in front of a camera. Additionally attempting to pull a doctor out of clinic or rounds generally will result in less than ideal images as they are rightfully focused on caring for their patients. We recommend trying to coordinate with them so that we can shoot them when they are not seeing patients.

9. If you plan on using real patients please keep in mind that they are not professional models and will likely not be as comfortable in front of the camera as a model would, nor will they likely look like the “patients” we normally see in brochures, as those people are usually all specifically-cast models. If you plan on using real patients we would recommend that you make contact with them ahead of time so that we can coordinate them on a day when they do not have an appointment so that they can be prepared and know what to expect.

Keeping these things in mind will help ensure that your photo shoot will go smoothly and will yield the images that best tell our stories and further the UF Health brand. Please contact us with any questions and to discuss your upcoming project. Creative Services, in conjunction with UF Health Communications professionals, can consult with you to ensure that you’re meeting UF Health and University of Florida graphic standards, and to recommend additional/alternative media channels that might be better suited to deliver your message.

Event Coverage:

Our photographers are available to cover select UF Health events. Coverage of any event must result in public usage of the photographs. Event coverage is not available for posterity, archiving or personal needs. For an event to be covered by UF Health Photographers, two or more of the following are generally required:

  • a press release
  • an accompanying story
  • official website or social media usage
  • a formal program of the event

Request Our Photography Services

For your request to be considered you must submit a completed photo request form. Please ensure that photo request forms are fully completed and accurate prior to submission. If after a request is submitted, and details need to be updated, please reach out to the photographer who confirmed the request and submit an updated request reflecting any changes.

Links and Directions:

Link: UF Health Creative Services Public Photography Archive and Client Access

Directions to the Creative Services Production Studio (C2-20, Communicore Building)

From the main atrium of UF Health Shands Hospital, walk north down the main hallway past the food court/cafeteria to your right. Once you reach the end of that hallway, you’ll see the Founder’s Gallery on your right, and exit doors to the Sun Terrace food court on your left. Exit out the doors to your left, walk through the Sun Terrace and enter the Communicore Building through the glass doors just past Starbucks on your right (the doors are in between Starbucks and Panda Express). Walk straight ahead and take the main elevator to the 2nd floor. Exit the elevator to the right, turn left as you approach the computer training lab (C2-003) in front of you, then turn right at the next hallway. Walk to the end of that hallway and turn right. You will find the UF Health Creative Services Production Studio on your right just past the water fountain, room C2-20. The map below is of the 2nd floor of the Communicore Building, and shows the route you would take from the main elevators.MAP to C2-20 800 pxls


Headshots are not available for posterity, archiving, personal needs or for students. This includes salaried students (undergraduate and graduate) who are considered staff. In the past we have taken such shots, but due to increasing volume and demands, we must stay focused on faculty (including Residents and Fellows) and other photos used for general marketing/news/PR/Web purposes. Any students seeking head shots should contact UF Career Connections Center:

Often we are asked by offsite departments if we can travel to them to take headshots. We’ve established a geographical boundary and a set of criteria when we will do that, because it’s not a simple thing to transport and establish a professional photo studio offsite that gives us the same photo consistency that we have in our campus studio. While we appreciate the issues with asking faculty and staff to make their way to our campus studio, coming here does allow for the best possible product while maintaining the availability of our photographers for other assignments due to efficiency. Below we have multiple “open studio” hours that provide ample opportunity for faculty and staff to find the best time for them to have their headshot taken. Here is the geographical boundary (everything contained within the orange box):

Geographic Boundary

In addition to the geographic boundary above, the criteria we’ve established for offsite headshots are:

  • Need at least a 12×12 space, 10 ft ceilings to accommodate our backdrop and lights
  • Need to be able to have complete control of ambient lighting
  • Need 30-45 minutes set up, then the same amount of time for breakdown
  • The studio gear we’d need to bring (backdrop, framing, lighting, etc.) that gives us consistent photos to what we’d get in our studio requires the renting of a minivan. Does your department have budget for that and can handle logistics for us?
  • Need to have a marketing (or other admin) tied to the shoot to assist with scheduling and logistics. We require that a minimum of 25 headshots be scheduled per shoot. Need 3-5 minutes per headshot. If pre-scheduled participation drops below the minimum amount prior to the shoot, we reserve the right to cancel the shoot and ask folks to come to our studio.
  • If prescheduled subjects miss their appointed time during the shoot, they must come to our studio.

UF Health Lab Coats

All medical and clinical care providers must wear their UF Health lab coat (with the UF Health logo) when photographed or filmed. This standard was introduced several years ago as part of the UF Health rebranding initiative. The reasons are:

  • Along with a uniform background for our professional headshots, we want all providers to be easily and consistently identified as UF Health providers
  • A lab coat is a universal symbol of a doctor in our society, generally recognizable by most lay public
  • A consistent approach also lends an air of professionalism across our communications

For headshots and other shoots, we have some “loaner” UF Health lab coats available, but ask that you please provide your own if possible. This will guarantee the best fit. Please be sure your lab coat is clean and pressed for your shoot. Note:

  • Providers associated with the UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital do not typically wear lab coats when interacting with patients. Thus, environmental and video b-roll shots do not need to include providers in lab coats. However, professional headshots/portraits do need to include lab coats.
  • New providers in locations that are outside Gainesville often have their portraits taken with a local photographer. UF Health lab coats are required in these photos.

For the convenience of our faculty and staff, we offer open hour sessions. Any UF Health affiliated faculty or staff who needs a new or updated headshot can have one made with no appointment. Please make sure that the subjects know what their department expects them to be wearing for their photo.

OPEN STUDIO HOURS – Headshots Only

2022 Schedule: Subject to change.

01/11  9:00-10:00 a

01/13  3:00-4:00 p

01/24  3:00-4:00 p

01/26  9:00-10:00 a

02/08  9:00-10:00 a

02/10  3:00-4:00 p

02/21  3:00-4:00 p

02/23  9:00-10:00 a

03/08  9:00-10:00 a

03/10  3:00-4:00 p

03/21  3:00-4:00 p    

03/23  9:00-10:00 a

04/05  9:00-10:00 a   

04/07  3:00-4:00 p

04/18  3:00-4:00 p

04/20 9:00-10:00 a

05/03  9:00-10:00 a

05/05  3:00-4:00 p

05/16  3:00-4:00 p

05/18  9:00-10:00 a

05/31  9:00-10:00 a

06/02  3:00-4:00 p

06/13  3:00-4:00 p

06/15  9:00-10:00 a

06/28  9:00-10:00 a

06/30  3:00-4:00 p

07/11  3:00-4:00 p

07/13  9:00-10:00 a

07/26  9:00-10:00 a

07/28  3:00-4:00 p

08/08  3:00-4:00 p

08/10  9:00-10:00 a

08/23  9:00-10:00 a

08/25  3:00-4:00 p

09/07  9:00-10:00 a

09/20  9:00-10:00 a

09/22  3:00-4:00 p

10/03  3:00-4:00 p

10/05  9:00-10:00 a

10/18  9:00-10:00 a

10/20  3:00-4:00 p

10/31  3:00-4:00 p

11/02  9:00-10:00 a

11/15  9:00-10:00 a

11/17  3:00-4:00 p