The UF Health brand needs to speak in one voice. That’s not to say it always sounds the same; while each of us has our own voice and distinctive way of speaking, naturally we vary that voice depending on the situation. Sometimes you’re delivering a speech, other times you’re ordering a sandwich – but it always sounds like you. UF Health works the same way.

In general, that voice is the voice of a great doctor: knowledgeable and compassionate. Anyone who’s had an important conversation with a great physician knows how reassuring it is to get useful, timely information delivered in a down-to-earth, human way. We don’t shy away from sounding smart, but we naturally avoid any jargon that could cause people to tune us out. We want to convey expertise in every circumstance while making sure the message comes across that we’re always focused on helping patients.

To that end, whenever we can, even in circumstances that may seem to call for a more “corporate” or “formal” tone, we should speak as if we’re addressing a patient. Doing this will quietly convey our priorities to patients and non-patients alike. “We’re making this change to serve you better” is much warmer and more engaging than, for example, “UF Health is undergoing changes in the interest of patient service.” This comparatively one-on-one, conversational tone also serves to simplify our language and streamline complex messages for busy patients.