• The UF Health logo is set in Palatino Regular, a serifed font used for “UF Health” in our logos to be consistent with the University of Florida’s typography standards.
  • For marketing and communications materials:
    • Minion Pro is our serif typeface.
    • Myriad Pro is our sans serif font.

NOTE: Most MS Office corporate deployments do not contain Minion or Myriad. Calibri or Palatino can work well in corporate documents, but in official advertising or marketing collateral, we will default to the fonts below.

About font usage:

  • Variations in font styles are allowed (italics, light, bold, for example), as long as they are our corporate fonts.
  • Bokka is permissible in pieces where pediatrics or the Children’s Hospital is the focus.
  • Only approved fonts that are within our corporate font family may be used.
  • The accessory font (Journal) may only be used in headlines in conjunction with one of our corporate fonts. It may only be used in short phrases of one to three words on invitations and advertisements.

palatino myriad


This font may be used for pediatric and UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital pieces: